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This is amazing ….

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Source: Haiku and the Brain

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Jesus mel in ore,
in aure melos,
in corde jubilus:

Jesus to me is

honey in the mouth,

music in the ear,

a song in the heart.

Bernard of Clairvaux


Translation from Bernard of Clairvaux, The Works of Bernard of Clairvaux: 2: On the Song of Songs I, trans. Kilian Walsh, intro. Corneille Halflants, Cistercian Fathers Series: Number 4 (Shannon: Irish University Press, 1971), 105-13.

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my HEART is bigger than the sky.



“Be ye therefore STRONG and courageous
for your work will be rewarded.”

2 Chronicles 15:7

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“You are about to begin the adventure of the Unicorn”

Hildegard von Bingen

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I am the one who, walking in greenery,
seeks delightful flowers.

Jacopo da Bologna
(from the I Dilettosi Fiori music program of Corina Marti)

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Socrates: Her immortality is demonstrated by the previous argument, and there are many other proofs; but to see her as she really is, not as we now behold her, marred by communion with the body and other miseries, you must contemplate her with the eye of reason, in her original purity; and then her beauty will be revealed, and justice and injustice and all the things which we have described will be manifested more clearly. Thus far, we have spoken the truth concerning her as she appears at present, but we must remember also that we have seen her only in a condition which may be compared to that of the sea-god Glaucus, whose original image can hardly be discerned because his natural members are broken off and crushed and damaged by the waves in all sorts of ways, and incrustations have grown over them of seaweed and shells and stones, so that he is more like some monster than he is to his own natural form. And the soul which we behold is in a similar condition, disfigured by ten thousand ills. But not there, Glaucon, not there must we look. 

Glaucon: Where then?

Socrates: At her love of wisdom. Let us see whom she affects, and what society and converse she seeks in virtue of her near kindred with the immortal and eternal and divine; also how different she would become if wholly following this superior principle, and borne by a divine impulse out of the ocean in which she now is, and disengaged from the stones and shells and things of earth and rock which in wild variety spring up around her because she feeds upon earth, and is overgrown by the good things of this life as they are termed: then you would see her as she is, and know whether she has one shape only or many, or what her nature is. Of her affections and of the forms which she takes in this present life I think that we have now said enough. 

Glaucon: True, he replied.

Socrates: And thus, I said, we have fulfilled the conditions of the argument; we have not introduced the rewards and glories of justice, which, as you were saying, are to be found in Homer and Hesiod; but justice in her own nature has been shown to be best for the soul in her own nature. Let a man do what is just, whether he have the ring of Gyges or not, and even if in addition to the ring of Gyges he put on the helmet of Hades.

Plato’s Republic X

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“The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.”

Gabriel Pacal

(qtd. in “My Fair Lady”)


La lluvia en Sevilla es una maravilla!

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“Hope is faith standing on tiptoe!”

~ C.D.F. Moule

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“Music is the literature of the heart; it begins where speech ends.”

Alphonse de Lamartineheartmusic

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          DOUBLING and doubling with laborious walk,
          Who, that has gained at length the wished-for Height,
          This brief, this simple wayside Call can slight,
          And rests not thankful? Whether cheered by talk
          With some loved friend, or by the unseen hawk
          Whistling to clouds and sky-born streams that shine,
          At the sun's outbreak, as with light divine,
          Ere they descend to nourish root and stalk
          Of valley flowers. Nor, while the limbs repose,
          Will we forget that, as the fowl can keep                   10
          Absolute stillness, poised aloft in air,
          And fishes front, unmoved, the torrent's sweep,--
          So may the Soul, through powers that Faith bestows,
          Win rest, and ease, and peace, with bliss that Angels share.

                                                    ~ William Wordsworth

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Sometimes you have to go hunting inspiration.



September Sky


Stacey Jones


(… and sometimes, inspiration finds you!)

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Truth is our ally.


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I called,

you answered:

You came to my rescue,

and I want to be

where you are.

~ Hillsong

Came to my Rescue

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Ever get the feeling that, somehow, your Plan A is out the window, and you’ve slipped into something less that perfect, less than what you hoped or imagine God intended, something that we might call, from a cultural and colloquial perspective, Plan B?

Plan B definition highlighted in green and Plan A marked in the dictionary

It’s a haunting feeling. It can become oppressive in its strength. After all, Plan B is that alternative strategy we try to apply when Plan A has failed or proved impossible to realize.

But recently it occurred to me that it’s all Plan B.

What God originally intended was Eden: perfect love — between God and man, between man and woman — in a bright and fruitful garden where we could live forever and never die. We were going to do meaningful work, experience joy, and create in imitation of the Creator, building up our beautiful world and bringing forth new life.


But sin, death, and the Fall marred God’s Plan A. All of human history has been affected ever since. So we’ve been living in God’s Plan B: redemption.  

by Photos8.com

I know Jesus is the Redeemer, and I am so thankful for the way that he has redeemed my life, not only from childhood trauma and loss, but at every stage of my growing into a person. It’s helpful to me to remember that no matter what aspect of my Plan A has gone wrong this week, God has a plan to redeem.

I know that my redeemer lives,
    and that in the end he will stand on the earth.
And after my body has been destroyed,
    yet in my flesh I will see God.

Job 19:25-26

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“To believe is to consent to a creative command that raises us from the dead”

~ Thomas Merton


“To sing is to pray twice”

~ Augustine

(Latin: Sing to the Lord a new song!)

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“The race is not to the swift

nor the battle to the strong …

but the battle is the Lord’s

and he will give all of you

into our hands.”

Ecclesiastes 9:11, 1 Samuel 17:47

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I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.

Psalm 118:17



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“The history of my life will say to the world what it says to me —
there is a loving God, who directs all things for the best.”

Hans Christian Andersen (1868)

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You broke open my heart

with your blessing.

Francesca Battistelli, “You’re Here


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“In a dry time we learn whose roots run deep.”

~ James Louis Carcioppolo,

from Sonnet II in  The Lost Sonnets of Cyrano de Bergerac

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“Wild sings the bird of the heart in the forests of our lives.”

~ Mary Oliver, from “Wild, Wild”

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There are no words to express how beautiful I think this is:

Time & Tide Montage


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