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This is where the drowned climb to land.
For a single night when a boat goes down

soaked footprints line its cracked path
as inside they stand open mouthed at a fire,

drying out their lungs, that hang in their chests
like sacks of black wine. Some will have stripped

down to their washed skin, and wonder
whether they are now more moon than earth —

so pale. Some worry about the passage,
others still think about the deep. All share

a terrible thirst, wringing their hands
until the seawater floods across the floor.

Niall Campbell
Best Scottish Poems 2014


Saoirse from “Song of the Sea”

Song of the Sea Sewcials banner

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It’s not a typical love affair,
but “love” and “tenderness,”
both are there.

Named after a daisy,
she lived amidst words
surrounded by adjectives
in green fields of verbs.

Some force you to yield,
but she with soft art
passed through my hard shield
and into my heart.

Not always are love stories
just made of love.
Sometimes love is not named
but it’s love just the same…

This is no typical love affair –
I met her on a bench in my local square.
She made a little stir, tiny like a bird,
with her gentle feathers.

She was surrounded by words,
some as common as myself.
She gave me books, two or three,
their pages have come alive for me.

Don’t die now,
you’ve still got time, just wait,
it’s not the hour, my little flower.
Give me some more of you,
more of the life in you.  


Not always are love stories
just made of love.
Sometimes love is not named,
but it’s love just the same.

English translation given for a French poem
at the end of the film, “My Afternoons with Margueritte” (2011)


Donne moi encore un peu de toi,
donne moi encore un peu de ta vie.

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Thank You

by Alanis Morissette


The Way


You don’t choose a life —
you live one.

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“The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.”

Gabriel Pacal

(qtd. in “My Fair Lady”)


La lluvia en Sevilla es una maravilla!

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He invited plans.
Hers were wild.
He watched her move a pot.
She watched him.

He came into her private garden
and stood surrounded by candlelight,
and when she came down from her bath,
she had no idea what he was doing there.

His father, he said, told him we were meant
for Eden, and ever since the Fall,
we have been trying to re-make
the perfect garden.

“Is this your Eden?” he asked her.
My search for it, she said.
He touched the flowers with such gentleness.
Later, she knelt in the same place where he had stood.

She might be digging
when the wind would blow,
and the ghost of her lost child
would run by, laughing.

She sat with him another day and said,
You will tell me if I am mad,
and he said, “You are not mad.”
You do not know me completely yet, she replied.

There came a night when
they stood in one another’s presence,
dressed in white, like a wedding,
and then undressing, completely vulnerable.

Both of them had seen betrayal,
and so much pain and loss,
and yet they opened their hearts –
they opened their bodies to the future.

The king will come into his garden,
the water will flow over the rocks,
the seashells will glisten and shine,
and the music will play, it will play –

a song of hope and desire,
a song for being reborn,
for there is a time for everything,
a season for every matter under heaven.

Jane Beal

A Little Chaos

(soundtrack by Peter Gregson)

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There are no words to express how beautiful I think this is:

Time & Tide Montage


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“It’s not about keeping the rules!” Paul told the people. “You don’t have to be good at being good for God to love you. You just have to believe what Jesus has done and follow him. Because it’s not about trying, it’s about trusting. It’s not about rules, it’s about Grace: God’s free gift — that cost him everything.”

What had happened to Paul? He met Jesus.

by Sally Lloyd Jones w/ Illustrator Jago
The Jesus Storybook Bible

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