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Last autumn, I was standing outside a local restaurant admiring its exterior design. Next to the restaurant, in a neat row, were several other visually striking facades. Admiring the man-made aesthetics, I realized that the appeal and beauty of this shopping center was surrounded by, in stark contrast, a dark and dreary autumn tree line. What man had made, I thought, was far more attractive than nature. Then, almost as fast as I had that thought, another took over.

The forest’s cold and motionless trees drew me in … a silent calm. Car noises, people, even the glimmering lights faded for a moment. It was as if the forest was communicating with me. I began to sense a knowing, a confident, immovable peace. Beneath the seemingly lifeless surface the forest was alive.

I realized that the real beauty of this forest was not found in what could be seen or touched but rather in its invisible nature. In a few short months, each lifeless tree would blossom. In a couple more months, vibrant greens would turn to endless shades of orange and gold. The profound and powerful beauty that lies within this forest is in its nature, that is, in its inate ability to transform itself. Soon the lifeless little forest would surpass the beauty of the shopping center.

Trees, during winter months, don’t become anxious or depressed over their apparent state of decay but confidently rest in the laws at work within–laws once released from a tiny little seed that gave them life.

In the same way that a tree, or even an entire forest, is given life and sustained by laws imbedded in a seed, God has given us His life within a Seed.

We have been born again, not of perishable seed,

but of imperishable, 

by the Word of God,

which lives and abides forever.

~ I Peter 1:23

Know that there is a Divine Seed within you already programed, like all seeds, to reproduce itself and multiply. The next season of growth in your life is inevitable: ONLY BELIEVE!

Robbert Haddad


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