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“Poetry is the language of the heart. In Jane Beal’s collection of beautiful birth-song poems, one’s heart is touched by the many emotions surrounding birth. The wide scope of literature from which the “songs” were drawn encompasses many religions and cultures of the world, giving them a spiritual appeal. Your own birth-song is sure to be found here.”

~ Cathy Daub, PT, founder of BirthWorks International and author of Birthing in the Spirit

 “I love it—Jane Beal’s Epiphany is awesome. Her poems “Birth Litany” and “Cradle of Life” are favorites!  I am also fascinated by “Moshe Drawn from the Water.” Jane is such an inspiration and wise woman!  I am honored to know her.”

~ Wendy Seifert, CCE(BWI), BirthWorks Educator

“Jane Beal has written a lovely collection of poems that will inspire anyone interested in the process of birth. She has taken birth stories … and turned them into works of art. ”

~ Vicki Penwell, CPM, founder of Mercy In Action

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