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You have been invited to meet
The Friend.

No one can resist a Divine Invitation.

That narrows down all our choices
to just two:

we can come to God
dressed for Dancing


be carried on a stretcher
to God’s Ward.

trans. Daniel Ladinsky



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Just as a normal man can climb
a high mountain
and on a clear day
see for many miles around,

Hafiz can stand on a blessed peak
inside his heart
and see for hundreds of years
in all directions.


In the morning
when I began to wake,
it happened again–

that feeling
that you, Beloved,
had stood over me all night
keeping watch,

that feeling
that as soon as I began to stir

you put your lips on my forehead
and lit the Holy Lamp
inside my heart.


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Forget every idea of right and wrong
any classroom ever taught you

an empty heart, a tormented mind,
Unkindness, jealousy and fear

are always the testimony
you have been completely fooled!

Turn your back on those
who would imprison your wondrous spirit
with deceit and lies.

Come, join the honest company
of the King’s beggars –
those gamblers, scoundrels and divine clowns
and those astonishing fair courtesans
who need Divine Love every night.

Come, join the courageous
who have no choice
but to bet their entire world
that indeed,
indeed, God is Real.

I will lead you into the circle
of the Beloved’s cunning thieves,
those playful royal rogues–
the ones you can trust for true guidance–
who can aid you
In this blessed calamity of life.

trans. Daniel Ladinsky

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Do you know how beautiful you are?

I think not, my dear.

For as you talk of God,
I see great parades with wildly colorful bands
streaming from your mind and heart,
carrying wonderful and secret messages
to every corner of this world.

I see saints bowing in the mountains
hundreds of miles away
to the wonder of sounds
that break into light
from your most common words.

Speak to me of your mother,
your cousins and your friends.

Tell me of the squirrels and birds you know.
Awaken your legion of nightingales —
let them soar wild and free in the sky

and begin to sing of God.
Let’s all begin to sing to God!

Do you know how beautiful you are?

trans. Daniel Ladinsky

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I wish I could show you
when you are lonely or in darkness
the Astonishing Light
of your own being!

We Should Talk about this Problem

There is a beautiful creature
living in a hole you have dug.

So at night
I set fruit and grains
and little pots of wine and milk
beside your soft earthen mounds

and I often sing.

But still, my dear,
you do not come out.

I have fallen in love with Someone
who hides inside you.

We should talk about this problem–
otherwise, I will never leave you alone.

I Heard God Laughing: Renderings of Hafiz
trans. Daniel Ladinsky

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The Sun’s Love

“Even after all these years,
the Sun never says
to the Earth
“You owe Me.”
Look what happens—
with a Love
like that,
it lights
the whole


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