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“The things you bring forth
are a paradise of pomegranates”

Songs of Songs 4:13


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On Saturday, I visited the Loretto Convent in Wheaton to share a silent Lenten retreat with friends from Church of the Savior. This is the second time I have gone there, and I truly love it. I thought no place could have as powerful an impact on me, in times alone with God, as the Cenacle (a retreat house near here that has recently closed its doors) but the Loretto Convent is a very special spiritual place.

I was reading online this morning about the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which founded and helps to maintain the Loretto Convent. I read the testimonies of sisters. When they make their final profession as sisters, pledging poverty (interdependence), chastity (community as primary relationship) and obedience (full participation and accountability in the spiritual life shared together), they choose a motto. This motto is inscribed in a ring they wear all their lives.

As I read these mottos, I was struck by how beautiful and poetic they are, like lines of poetry. Most of them come from scripture; others are paraphrases of biblical ideas. How beautiful the first!

I am my Beloved’s and he is mine

This one comes from the Song of Songs. To read others, and the stories that go with them, visit: IBVM Sisters: Archives. May your heart be blessed by what these women have chosen to do with their lives in response to their calling.

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