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Today, folks in Wheaton attempted to break the world’s record for number of kites in the  air at once. Of course I had to be a part of that! So with my cousin TJ, friends Gemma and  Lana, and my beloved miniature dachshund Joyful, I headed over to Graf Park for the  festivities. Gemma gave me a bright colored kite with two butterflies, a grasshopper, and a bumblebee on it, and soon my friends and I had our kites in the air.

While we were out flying our kites in the park, there was great music playing,  including the classic kite-flying song, which you can listen to by clicking below:

“Let’s Go Fly at Kite” from Mary Poppins

My kite line got “cut” (just like in the movie “The Kite Runner”!), but I didn’t mind. I picked up the kite frame and the long line still attached to it got tangled around my body when the wind took the kite suddenly back up into the air! I felt like I was dancing with my kite! Kite-dancing! It was so fun! The sun was so bright, the blue sky so clear, and the wind so magnificent.

I was remembering sitting on the rooftop of a friend’s apartment building in the Abu Tur neighborhood of west Jerusalem, looking out of the valley toward the Church of the Dormition on Mt. Zion, as I watched Arabic boys fly their black diamond kite over the valley at sunset.

Later, Gemma repaired my kite by tying the kite line still attached to the frame to the kite line attached to my reel, so that was good. She and TJ also rescued Lana’s kite from a tree–with the help of a professional park district sort of person.

And then we watched the kite ballets!

People actually fly kites professionally, making their kites dance in air in rhythm to music, and the first we saw was a true ballet. The next, flown by Zach Gordon, was really kite break-dancing in air! I thought it was awesome. Then the Chicago Fire Kite Team flew their four “killer bee” kites in the air for three different choreographed sets, and their coordination was admirable, too. The whole thing was so cool!

So naturally I have to honor this kite-dancing day with a poem. Here it is!

“The Kite”

How bright on the blue
Is a kite when it’s new!

With a dive and a dip
It snaps its tail
Then soars like a ship
With only a sail

As over tides
Of wind it rides,

Climbs to the crest
Of a gust and pulls,
Then seems to rest
As wind falls.

When string goes slack
You wind it back

And run until
A new breeze blows
And its wings fill
And up it goes!

How bright on the blue
Is a kite when it’s new!

But a raggeder thing
You never will see
When it flaps on a string
In the top of a tree.

Henry Behn

When we came home, Gemma told me how she used to make kites in the Philippines. She would make the kite body out of newspaper and attach it to the spine of a palm tree branch with rice paste. Then she and her brother would take it up on the roof and fly it!

If you want to make your own kite, check out: Make Your Own Kite! … and enjoy.

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